Designed for Today's Mobile Technology Environments:

XBABBLE is a SIP based communication app offering audio/video calls and text messaging. XBABBLE allows you to be reachable at any time, even if the app is closed, with a WiFi or 3G/4G internet connection. XBABBLE is designed for private and integrated communication including intercom calls and paging. When integrated with AVLinkPro, XBABBLE can provide access to integrated video intercom systems as well as Smart Home automation systems from Crestron Electronics and others.

XBABBLE is an easy to use sip video softphone, with excellent voice quality and easy to setup and deployment.
XBABBLE connects to private PBX systems from AVLinkPro or our unique VOIP SIP service which can provide crystal clear, echo free, voice or video calls through wireless and 3g or higher networks.
XBABBLE operates flawlessly in the background and is optimized to use as little battery as possible while ensuring the reliability of incoming calls.

XBABBLE easily integrates with AVLinkPro to provide connectivity to other audio video intercom and telephone devices. XBABBLE can be used as an alternative app for many professionally installed doorbell intercoms. 

Use bluetooth to pair the XABBLE softphone to your car audio system or your headset and enjoy voip on the go. 

XBABBLE is a Free softphone communication application for Iphone, Ipad, Android phones and tablets as well as Windows PC’s and MAC PC’s. 

Advanced Calling Features:

  • Call waiting

  • Video Calls

  • Push notifications

  • Instant messaging (SIP based)

  • Conference calls*

  • Call recording*

  • Call statistics

  • Call transfer

HD Video Calls Between Devices and XBABBLE Users:

  • High quality video codecs (H.264, H.265 and VP8)

  • Early video to see a preview of your video caller and answer it as desired

  • Switch between the front and back cameras to show what you want

Smart Contact List:

 XBABBLE synchronizes with your smartphone’s address book and automatically tagging contacts who have a SIP account with an XBABBLE iconYou can also filter your contacts to display only XBABBLE users. 

Secure Communication:

  • Secure user authentication with TLS certificates

  • Make encrypted audio and video calls with SRTP, STRP-DTLS or ZRTP

  • Secure your messages with XBABBLE’S powerful end-to-end encryption protocol

Enhanced Audio/Video Quality:

  • Enhanced video codec bitrate control that detects network congestion and automatically adaptation to the available bandwidth

Advanced Push Notifications: (With optional Xbabble Access)

  • Supports push notifications from Apple and Google, notification of incoming calls and text messages even if the app is inactive or not in the foreground.

  • Reply to or mark as read incoming messages without opening the app

  • Answer or decline incoming calls directly from the lock screen

Enhanced Instant Messaging Experience: (With Xbabble Access)

  • See clear message delivery status

  • Receive notifications of incoming messages, with “reply to” and “mark as read” options

  • Access the chat view from the call window to send chat messages during a call